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Gameday Magazine & Broncos Magazine

Gameday Magazines are handed out to eager fans at every home game. They contain detailed stats of Broncos players and their opponents. They have personal stories of the players while also highlighting cheerleaders, stadium information and Broncos community efforts. My vision for the cover was to create an updated design that also tied in with the season look. The magazine cover features a different key player each week in eye-catching poses, while keeping all the detailed game information tucked together in the bottom corner. A highlighted number also keeps track of which number home game it is while making it a collectible and creating a desire to “collect them all.”

Broncos Magazine is another publication that the Denver Broncos produce. One magazine for pre-season and one magazine that is post-season. I updated the masthead of the magazine, designed this years cover to closely tie into the season look and also designed several articles inside.